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We are a team of professional and skilled experts, offering a spectrum of services and at the same time, we are always equipped to assist business houses with desired gears, tools, or machinery parts.

Our professional engineers possess both technical and industry knowledge to help you construct the right choice for your business. Furthermore, as we regularly scan the market scenarios, we ensure to provide quality gear at a competitive price.

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We take pride to exceed our customers' expectations while providing the highest quality standard products and services. For decades, we're serving our widespread client base. In addition, with perpetual improvement programs, we are recognized by leading authorities offering 100% commitment to award-winning quality.

  • 1. CNC Turning Centers
  • 2. CNC Gear Hobbing Machines
  • 3. CNC Gear Shaving Machine
  • 4. CNC Gear Shapers
  • 5. CNC Cylindrical Grinders
  • 6. Hydraulic Vertical Broaching
  • 7. Sealed Quench Furnace
  • 8. Bore Grinder
  • 9. Tooth Rounding Machine
  • 10. Stamping Press